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I've learned to let go

I could go on and on about the physical benefits, but the mental health benefits are equally amazing. I have faced some daunting challenges the last several years and I can honestly say that it would have been incredibly difficult getting through those times if I didn’t have this yoga and this community in my life. It has had a calming influence on me.

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Visualize the Best You

“Every aspect of my life is better since I started practicing Bikram Yoga. I feel that my mind and body connection is getting stronger. The balance on my one foot is getting better. The quality of my golf game has improved. I am more flexible in my back, hips and shoulders.”

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I am living a normal life again

“I am living a normal life again. I can vacuum my house, cook on my feet for hours (I love to cook, so this is great!). I couldn’t do household chores or grocery shop for big items without help, now I do these things again by myself, which is AWESOME.”

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