Frequently Asked Questions

We love beginners at Thrive Hot Yoga—because we’re all beginners in some way or another. If you have lots of questions about Thrive, hot yoga, our studio, and yoga in general, we have lots of answers—and most of them are below!


Ack! I’m new to yoga, and I’m not sure where to start. What do I do?

Yay! You're so close to seeing what traditional hot yoga can add to your life. Our Start Here page answers most of your questions, including downloading our Thrive app and viewing our schedule. Make sure to take advantage of our Unlimited Yoga introduction special for $39. This contract-free options allows you to explore all of the classes we offer while also benefiting from all that hot yoga can do!

Thrive Hot Yoga has a Yoga Advisor Team in place to support you every step of the way, so you get the most out your experience with Thrive Hot Yoga. Our Yoga Advisors are experienced certified Traditional Hot Yoga teachers, and are happy to talk by phone, or email, or in person to answer any questions and concerns. Please reach out, and a member of our team will get back with you quickly. We look forward seeing you in class! 

What should I wear to class?

Go for comfort over style: tank tops, sports bra, breathable tees, yoga shorts, or running shorts are ideal. Avoid pants, sweats and long-sleeve shirts. Undergarments or see-through garments are not permitted as your only clothes in the yoga room.

What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat, large towel, and bottle of water. Most people bring two towels, one to place over your mat during class (to help with gripping and dripping), and one to use for showers after class. Please do not bring your cell phone, wallet, car keys, bag, etc. into the hot room. There are cubbies in the changing rooms, which are members-only areas, to store your personal belongings. If you are a medical professional on call, please alert the instructor before class.

Are mats and towels provided?

If you forget or don't have your own, we rent yoga mats for $1, and sell new white towels for $3.

Will I lose weight?

Like any workout, you have to do yoga on a regular basis, minimum 3x a week—ideally 5x a week—and eat a healthy diet to lose weight.

We have many yoga students who lose weight with traditional hot yoga and feel in the best shape of their life. The students who are successful with this approach take a look at their entire lifestyle, including eating, nutrition, stress, daily activity, and more to thrive on every level.

Where are your studios located?

Our Farmington Hills studio is conveniently located on the northwest corner of Orchard Lake Road and 12 Mile in the Orchard 12 Center, behind the new Starbucks. Our studio entrance faces east, and we have a large parking lot in front with entrances on Orchard Lake Road and on 12 Mile. View map and get driving directions here.

Our Troy studio is conveniently located on Livernois between 15 Mile and 16 Mile roads. We are on the West side of Livernois in a stripmall. The studio is located in between the Powerhouse Gym and CJ Mahoneys. Our entrance faces East and we have a large parking lot in front which is accessed by Livernois or by Kirts Blvd. View map and get driving directions here.

When should I NOT attend yoga class?

With regular practice, traditional hot yoga can do wonders for your immune system. However, if you are sick or have a cold, flu-like symptoms, or fever, please stay home out of respect to your fellow classmates. Students with fever are not permitted in the hot room.

What if I’m late for class?

Each class begins promptly. We expect everyone to be in the yoga room before class starts, and always recommend you come to class 10 to 15 minutes early to get yourself good and settled before we begin. If you are late to class, you might be allowed into class if you are only a few minutes late. This is for your health and safety as it's very important that everyone do the first breathing exercise to warm up for class. 

Note: Sometimes the door is locked on the rare occasion we don't have someone at the reception desk. This indicates class is in session, and you have missed your opportunity to join in. Please take responsibility for your own time management; it's up to YOU to get to the studio before class starts and not be in a rush. Thank you for being on time and respecting our guidelines.

What should I eat and/or drink before, during, and after class?

Come to class on an empty stomach. Most students feel like eating two hours before class gives them enough energy to fuel their workouts without running on completely empty. Everyone is different, and after a few classes, you’ll find what works best for you. Just don’t come hungry--you burn an insane amount of calories in class, and your body needs the fuel!  

Most importantly, please come to class well hydrated. You need to drink a lot of water throughout the day to ensure you’re properly hydrated for class (half your body weight in ounces). Once class begins, hold off on drinking water until “party time” to allow your body to heat up and for your mind to stay focused. We advise all students to take an electrolyte supplement, and we offer a wide variety for purchase at the studio.

How often should I practice?

Aim to practice 3 to 5 times a week. The more often you practice, the quicker you will see results. Sometimes it takes a few classes for your body to get acclimated to exercising in a heated environment. We encourage new students to practice at least 10 times in the first 30 days to give this yoga a fair chance and to really see the benefits in daily life. 

What are your prices?

Get started with our two-week trial for $39. This special offer is available to new students and returning students who have not practiced with us in the past six months. For more information about our pricing, see our Memberships page.

I purchased the trial pass, but I won’t be able to take my first class until next week.

Congratulations! Purchasing the trial pass is a great start. Since it activates on the day you take your first class, you're all set—just make sure to book your class in advance. Our welcome team can help answer any other questions you may have.

What if I need to leave early?

Each class is either 60 or 90 minutes. We suggest you select a class time when you can stay to practice the entire class. We do not permit students to leave early. Practicing yoga is like taking a prescription: if you change it, take something out, or stop early, it's not fully effective until you finish the entire dose. Each class works the same way! If you find yourself constantly pressed for time, try out 60-minute class options and (ahem) consider making your health a bigger priority in your schedule. As Jenny says, "Making room for yoga in your day creates space for everything else." And it's true!

Wow, it's hot! Can I leave the room to cool off and come back?

We encourage all students to stay in the yoga room for the entire 90 minutes. Before leaving the room, we suggest sitting down and taking as many breaks as needed. Moving between the high heat and the cool lobby actually puts more stress on your body. The class is a “meditation” and part of the practice is building your concentration, determination, and self control. You will be amazed at how quickly your body and mind acclimate to and find discipline in the heat. You do not need permission to leave the room, but it improves your practice and the benefits for your body to stay in the room for the entire 90 minutes. If you absolutely must leave the room, make sure the teacher knows you’ve left and come back as quickly as possible.

Can I practice yoga with an old/new injury?

Yes!  Yoga helps heal old injuries and prevent new ones. The heat is therapeutic for your muscles, joints, and tissue. For existing injuries and medical conditions, the healing process can be supported with the continued practice of traditional hot yoga. We ask students to notify the instructor of any existing injuries so they can help you during class (making sure we have an alert in your file is another way to help us remember). The general guide when practicing with an injury is: take it easy, listen to your body, and perform postures to your tolerance level. You do not need to “modify” the postures because this yoga is a therapeutic practice of beginner postures. All you have to do is try the right way and focus on what you can do—form over depth.

Can I practice if I am pregnant?

Maybe. Heat and pregnancy don't always go hand-in-hand—unless your body is used to it with consistent practice (at least 6 months) and you have permission from your doctor. You will be required to bring a release from your doctor in order to continue to practice in the hot room. Please notify our friendly staff as soon as you find out, and they will have our Pregnancy Teacher Advisor contact you about practicing while pregnant. She will connect with you and discuss the Pregnancy Series or schedule a private lesson to get started if you prefer.

I run or do other forms of exercise. Should I do hot yoga, too?

Yes! Hot yoga is excellent for helping align and strengthen your body and is a great compliment to all other forms of exercise. For many athletes in Detroit, hot yoga is an amazing way to heal and recover from stress their bodies experience with high-impact sports or other workouts. We’ve had many runners say once they start practicing hot yoga, they are able to achieve their “personal best” in races!

I’ve never practiced yoga and I’m a little nervous. Do you have a special class for me?

If you are a beginner in the Metro Detroit area, hot yoga classes at Thrive are designed for you. Everyone from the novice to the experienced yogi is welcome to our classes.