We are Thrive Hot Yoga. 

And so are you.


You may think you’re here to learn more about Thrive Hot Yoga, but the truth is, you’re really here to learn more about yourself.

You may be wondering if you’ll fit into our studio culture, if you’ll find your new favorite instructor, if yoga will end up being your “thing,” or if you’ll finally master a tree pose. 

We’d love to say “yes” to all of those things. But that’s your path. We’re just here to help you along the way.

When we founded Thrive Hot Yoga in 2007, we started with a commitment to physical health through yoga, self-awareness through meditation, and clarity of purpose through vision coaching. We chose the name “Thrive,” because it evokes the energy of our studio mission: to create positive transformation in our community and a peaceful, healthy planet. When you thrive, you take your health into your own hands and harness its energy to live the life you want, uninhibited by illness, insecurity, stress, and negative self-talk. This doesn’t mean those elements won’t exist—you just won’t let them define you or your beautiful life.

And that’s a powerful thing.


Meet the Founders.


I’m Ian.

Yoga became my passion early in my life when I witnessed its transformative ability to change the way people move, react, and contribute to their purpose. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to stay true to yourself amid today’s modern chaos and distraction, and it can be difficult to make yourself a priority when there is so much else going on. Hot yoga can be a powerful way to find your center—physically, mentally, and emotionally—and give you the clarity you need to find your full expression in everything you do. 

"What I love about our Thrive community is how supportive everyone is. I’m not sure if our studio just attracts amazing people, or if these qualities are revealed through osmosis. I see the smiles and the focus people have when they enter and leave our studio—and it’s such an inspiration." — Ian O’Laughlin, Co-Founder


  • Ian's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification, Spring 2002, Los Angeles
  • Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification, Spring 2009
  • Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Fall 2017. 


I’m Jenny.

I fell in love with yoga from my first conscious inhalation. Yoga is an exercise in breath, lightness, movement, and power, and there are few things I love more than watching how a practice brings people to life. I use breath as both a grounding tool and lightning rod in my classes, and I love how the simple act of inhaling and exhaling can completely change the chemistry of a room. Yoga can help us tune out distraction, negative thoughts, aches, pains, and doubt. It can open you to possibilities, clarity, light, and love. Combining breath and movement is one of the reasons yoga can be a life-changing experience, not only for yourself but for everything you touch when you are in tune. 

My favorite part of the Thrive community is how we all connect to each other in our own individual ways. We all come with different experiences, needs, desires, goals, health conditions, fitness levels, and ages, and we gather in harmony, support, and natural rhythm. It’s beautiful to witness as an instructor, and it’s profound to experience as a student.” Jenny O'Laughlin. Co-Founder.


  • Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification, Spring 2000, Los Angeles
  • Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification, 2009.