Debunked: 7 Excuses Men Give For Not Trying Yoga

Since I’ve been in the yoga industry for almost 20 years, I’ve noticed that men, in particular, have several misconceptions about yoga—and these misconceptions have become excuses to not try what could arguably change their lives for the better.

Allow me to clarify.

“My life/health/mindset is fine.”

Is it? Are you feeling your best? Are you making the best decisions? Are you equipping your body and mind to heal and handle everything you put it through? Take this from someone who considered himself to be a pretty healthy guy until he almost died from complications of rapid onset appendicitis—don’t wait for a major health crisis to put your life into perspective. The sooner you start living your best life--the sooner your best life can be possible.

“I’m not good at yoga.”

I’ll let you in on a secret, no one is. Yoga isn’t something you perfect, it’s something you practice. The “good” comes from showing up, from pushing to your edge, from surprising yourself, from falling and getting back up again, from watching and feeling your body come into its own. You ARE good at yoga, every time you come to class. Also, whoever said you needed to be great at something before you try it needs a timeout in Awkward Pose.

“Yoga is for women.”

Bah. Yoga is for humans. I’ve been doing this for 18 years, and while it used to be the case that women dominated the studios, it’s definitely not that way now. At both of our Thrive locations, classes are easily a 50-50 mix in the evenings and on weekends. And the energy this brings is fantastic.

“Yoga isn’t REAL exercise.”

Come to class. My instructors and I are happy to bust this myth in person. And in about 10 minutes.

“I need to be flexible to do yoga.”

Nope. It’s the other way around. You need yoga to gain flexibility. Bonus: it also increases strength, heart rate, endurance, stamina, long muscle-fibers, mindfulness, self-awareness, sense of community...the list goes on.

“I don’t have time to take care of myself.”

We all—somehow—make time for what is most important. Men and dads, YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Making and taking time for yourself and your health will help you show up in your important ways—you’ll have more energy, more mental bandwidth, more breathing room, less stress, better focus, and MORE TIME for the people who depend on you.

“Yoga is expensive.”

Everything worthwhile takes an investment of time, money, attention, etc. The trick is making the most of what you put into it—why all of our packages at Thrive are designed to incentivize regular, consistent practice.


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