Open INVITATION to Dads from Thrive Founder Ian O'Laughlin


Special Fathers Day Video from Ian


Dear Fellow Dads

This month, I’d like to formally, openly, and honestly acknowledge that fatherhood is challenging, messy, loud, unpredictable, stressful, sometimes maddening, and arguably one of the best things that has ever, ever happened to me. 

As a father to young kids, I have new respect for dads out there. It tries your patience. It tries your mental stamina. It tries your relationship with your partner. It tries your ability to work, sleep, eat well, and unwind. 

Yet here we are, trying. 

If it weren’t for my wife and yoga, there’s no way I would be making the most of it—an active partner and an active life are critical for me to bring my best to the table, to my family, and to my every day. Jenny would agree—I’m a better dad and a better person when I practice yoga regularly.

In fact, I’ll prove it to you.

I’m so confident and feel so strongly that yoga can improve the lives of dads and men (and, by extension, their significant others/families/friends/communities) that I’ll absolutely guarantee it.

For the month of June, every man who purchases our $39 Unlimited 2-Week pass and takes at least 5 classes will get TWO ADDITIONAL WEEKS FREE when they tell us how their lives have changed for the better. 


And if yoga has offered nothing in the way of mental stamina, flexibility, peace, strength, and clarity after at least five classes in those two weeks, I’ll give you your money back. No risk. No judgment.

Yoga has protected my life, my marriage, and my mental health more than once—and I’ve based my entire career on the fact that everyone deserves the benefits of regular practice. This month, I’m focusing on dads because fatherhood is trying—and wouldn’t you try anything to be the best dad and man you could be? 

See you in the studio.

Ian (and Jenny, who fully endorses this message)


Moms and other female powerhouses, we haven’t forgotten about you. Stay tuned for a similar challenge in a few months!



  1. Buy a $39 2-week Unlimited Yoga Trial Pass (note you must be either brand new to Thrive, or have not attended class in 12 months).

  2. Activate your membership by 6/30/2019

  3. Take at least 5 classes.

  4. Tell us what you loved about it and get TWO WEEKS MORE free.

  5. If you do not experience any benefits (mental, physical, emotional, in yoga or in your life) we'll refund your money and thank YOU for trying something new for yourself!