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Real people. Real lives. Real, amazing results. 

At Thrive, we believe hot yoga is a warm-up for life. We practice what we teach in every class, opening doors, minds, and shoulders (and hips and hands and hearts) to embrace a wider range of happiness and health. 

We’re so glad you are here. 

Come and meet our inspiring instructors, join our community on Facebook, and explore our catalog of classes from Traditional Hot Yoga to Inferno Pilates. We take yoga seriously and have some serious fun in the meantime—to get a better idea of what we mean, start here.


Explore all the ways to Thrive

Suitable for beginners and every level of fitness, our classes help you melt tension, stretch what’s possible, engage your mind and core, celebrate gratitude, and soak in every moment.


Hot 90

Also known as Traditional Hot Yoga, these 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises will strengthen, lengthen, and calm. 

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hot 60 Express

Our 60-minute Traditional Hot Yoga class includes one set of your favorite poses, giving you the yoga you love in the time you have.

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hot 60 music

Go with the flow—and a motivating beat—with this lively twist on our Traditional Hot Yoga classes.

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Hot 90 Plus

It's our Traditional Hot Yoga class plus we bake in additional poses for practiced yogis and beginners who want to explore different expressions of yoga.

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Slow Flow vinyasa

Flow between gentle yin and vigorous yang postures in a moderately heated room, leaving you feeling energized and restored!

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inferno hot pilates

Complement your yoga practice with a pilates workout that embraces the heat as well as your core muscles.

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Yin Yoga

In our Yin Yoga class, we turn down the heat and open up our joints, muscles, and minds with a series of poses designed to calm, revive, and regenerate.

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People come to Thrive for all kinds of reasons. They come to sweat, to heal, to stretch, to find their breath and to find themselves. It’s transformative, and it prepares you to better handle everything that happens off the mat. Hot yoga is a warm-up for life.
— Ian O’Laughlin, co-founder and teacher

Warm up in Mexico 2019-2020

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Our Story

The Evolution of Hot Yoga

When Ian and Jenny founded Thrive Hot Yoga, they were determined to create a safe space for everyone to experience hot yoga with integrity, both to the practice and to themselves. Over a decade later, they have gathered a team of talented instructors and a “thriving” following, both in their studios and their popular community events.

Your success story begins here.

“I went from from unfit zero to hundred degree hero!”


At Thrive, we're changing the way people look at hot yoga and the way they look at themselves. We're constantly collecting stories of transformation, healing, strength, and peace.

Will yours be next?

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Hot Yoga That Gives a Warm Welcome

We are a sincere and friendly community that welcomes everyone

Whether you are new to yoga, new to fitness, or new to a pose. 

We put new meaning in “flexible scheduling.”

Welcome to the Thrive calendar.

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