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Hot 90 (balancing stick) RED.png

Hot 90 Yoga

Perfect for beginners and those looking to ground their practice, our Traditional Hot Yoga is the foundational hot yoga practice that has been transforming lives around the world for decades. Used in coordination, all 26 poses and the two breathing exercises are designed to open, lengthen, and strengthen both body and mind. Our instructors are professionally trained to help you deepen and explore each pose. The pace of the class is steady and is only as difficult—and as transformative—as you allow it to be.


Hot 90 Yoga is hands-down everyone's favorite introduction to Thrive and traditional hot yoga. Start by grabbing your 2-Week Trial and book this class first!


is hot 90 yoga for me?

Given all that Thrive hot yoga can do for your muscles, your joints, your mind, and your heart, our default answer is yes. It is hard work in a hot room, however. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

How do I prepare for hot 90 yoga?

Come with a mat, a towel, a full bottle of water and an empty stomach. Sweat won't be optional.

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I started at Thrive Yoga about a year ago, since then my life has changed tremendously for the better. I used to be a long distance runner but due to injuries I have not been able to run anymore. I tried Bikram Yoga, and I just love it. I feel great. It is the best activity of my day, and it helps me stay healthy. I do yoga at both locations due to timing needs and love every single instructor.
— Alfonso O.

HOT60 EXP (camel).png

Hot 60 Express

Get the yoga you love in the time you have! We take all the intensity of our 90-minute Hot Yoga class and compress it into 60 minutes by performing some poses only once. Don't think you're getting out of chair pose, though—that one's a keeper.

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As a parent of two small children and 7-days-a-week work responsibilities, I love how the Express class can fit into my day AND deliver a thorough sweat, stretch, and cardio intensity. All in 60 minutes! I leave feeling amazing for the rest of my day.
— Alexander L.

is hot 60 Express for me?

While all classes are open to beginners, Hot 60 Express works best for those who recognize and  find poses with relative ease.  

How do I prepare for Hot 60 Express?

Show up on time! We throw a lot of juicy goodness in 60 minutes, and you won't want to miss a second of it.

HOT 60 Music (triangle).png

Hot 60 Music

We tap into our Traditional Hot Yoga flow (26 poses, 2 breathing exercises) and shave 30 minutes off the time by giving minimal verbal cues. Our instructors practice right along with the class, cueing by example, like one flexibly fabulous flash mob.
**NOTE to beginners, we recommend you become familiar with the Hot 90 yoga class a few times before coming to this class.

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I love this class because I get the benefits of a traditional double set class, but we are done in an hour. Moving together as a group brings a different energy and meditation to practice and my day.
— Carrie Adams, Instructor

is Hot 60 Music for me?

Hot 60 Music marches to the beat of its own drum and can be a welcome (and perhaps necessary) change of pace for those who feel stuck in their growth.

How do I prepare for hot 60 Music?

This class is fun and fearless, so be prepared to smile while you're sweating. Song choices, poses, and instructors will vary, so come ready to expand your "play"list! 

HOT 90 Plus (cobra).png

Hot 90 Plus

Our Hot 90 Yoga class goes a little deeper (and sometimes on one foot or upside down) with the addition of 20 more postures, plus salutations and slutes. We practice the first set in the original expression, and we power up our second set with variations that challenge our muscles, balance, and expectations. Geared towards more experienced hot yogis and those looking to take their practice to the next level, students should be prepared to wobble, fall, and forgive—and try again. Beginners welcome, just follow along as best you can!

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I love the Bikram Yoga Plus (Hot 90 Plus) class because it takes the 26 postures you know and love and adds in 20 or so more that challenge what you think you’re capable of in a very fun and playful way. Many students are surprised daily by what they can actually do!
— Erica Applequist, Instructor

is hot 90 plus for me?

Experienced yogis looking for a new way to challenge and express themselves will love Hot 90 Plus. Beginners are welcome and should take each pose as it comes.

How do I prepare for hot 90 plus?

Prepare for Hot 90 Plus as you would any hot yoga class, with an added shot of mental kindness. You may not master each pose each time, but you will learn something new every time you come to the mat.

Slow Flow Vin (d dog).png

Slow Flow Vinyasa

Slow Flow Vinyasa combines the best of all of our asana classes! Each class provides a new led flow in a moderately heated room that allows you to move in and out of gentle yin and vigorous yang postures leaving you feeling energized and restored! If you could benefit from a break from daily demands to breath, explore, move, play, and challenge yourself in new ways, this is your flow!

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I love the Slow Flow Vinyasa class! Sheila is an amazing instructor! I love having the opportunity to add variety to my current Bikram (hot yoga) practice. I found Slow Flow to be very grounding and relaxing.
— J Perkins, Thrive Yoga student

is slow Flow Vinyasa for me?

Whether you a veteran hot yogi looking of move your body in a new way, or brand new to yoga, this class is for you!

How do I prepare for slow Flow Vinyasa?

As with any yoga practice, arrive hydrated and with an empty belly! Leave your daily demands at the door, we provide blocks and straps! Just bring a mat, towel, and your willingness to slow down and explore breath and movement!

IHP (side plank).png

Inferno Hot Pilates

Deepen your yoga practice with the concentrated blend of traditional Pilates and high-intensity interval training. Performed in a warm classroom, Inferno Hot Pilates maximizes awareness of breath, precision, and flow while increasing lean muscle, core strength, stamina and circulation. Students are lead through a series of exercises using an economy of moment; in other words, be prepared to feel the burn—and the benefits.

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Thrive Hot Yoga has offered an inspiring community for my personal growth. The Inferno Hot Pilates course is powerfully invigorating and helps build core strength, while the Hot 60 Music classes provide a space for meditation and movement that replenish my body and mind. And truly the instructors are challenging, inspiring, patient and knowledgeable.
— Mara H.

is Inferno hot pilates for me?

Almost everyone can benefit from stronger core muscles--the muscles of the abdomen, back, hips, glutes, and thighs. Done correctly, Pilates can be a great way to manage and prevent chronic pain.

How do I prepare for Inferno hot pilates?

Prepare for Hot Pilates as you would Hot Yoga. Come with an empty stomach, a full water bottle, a mat and a towel. And take full advantage of the stretching exercises!

YIN (dragon).png

Yin Yoga

A meditative practice in extended poses, Thrive's Yin Yoga class gets in your fascia by helping you stretch the connective tissue around your knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine. Conducted in a warm—not hot—room, the practice involves seated and supine poses that are held for up to five minutes, attending to and awakening stiff joints. Yin Yoga balances the active, directed "yang" to your hot yoga practice with lessons in receptivity, allowance, and passive awakening. 

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I love how Yin Yoga teaches you to let go and surrender. By the end of class, my body feels grounded, calm, centered, peaceful, connected, and energetically balanced.
— Jenny O’Laughlin, Founder

is yin yoga for me?

Yin Yoga is starkly different from traditional hot yoga in that it embraces meditation and passivity as a foundation for growth. So, yes, Yin Yoga is for you.

How do I prepare for yin yoga?

Since it involves deep fascia work, proper hydration prior to class is key. The hardest part of Yin Yoga is bringing equal attention to the importance of stillness, both in mind and body.

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