Because there’s never been a better time to commit to your health, your friendships, and your yoga practice.

For many of you, August signals the end of the summer, your trial passes, and/or your annual memberships. There are three reasons why joining Thrive in August is an excellent idea.

Because there’s never a bad time to commit to the best year of your life.

Because more friends in town = more friends in the studio.

Because joining during our “downward” time means extra incentives for you!

Commit now. Pay Later

commit to an annual pass and delay your payment until the last day of the month — PLUS receive free guest passes!

Which path will you choose this year?

Use the promo code PAYLATER to delay your payment!

This amazing offer is only available for a limited time—and for a darn good reason. There’s no reason to put off the best year of your life. Sign up now. Get to class. Only pay on the last day of the month. You’ll be thanking yourself a week, a month, and a year from now. We promise.

Have questions? Just ask! We’re here to help.

Ian and Jenny


So, how does this work?

How many classes can I take?

If you sign up for the $59/mo membership you can take five classes of your choice for free this month.
If you sign up for the $99/mo membership you can take as many classes as you want this month.

Is there a promo code to sign up online?

Yes! Make sure to use the promo code PAYLATER when you checkout online so you are not billed initially!


Your first membership payment will be on the last day of this month.


You get 4 guest passes with the $99 plan, and 2 guest passes with the $59 plan.
These can be given to your friends or family, to redeem before the end of October!
Ask for them at the desk once you are enrolled.

If I sign up on the 15th, does my month of free classes carry on until the next month 15th?

No, you can only access free classes in your signup month until the payments start on the LAST day of the signup month.
The sooner you sign up, the more classes you can access during the month!