Ian & Jenny O'Laughlin
Teachers & Owners

Ian is a committed to helping others develop physical health through yoga, self-awareness through meditation, and clarity of purpose through vision coaching. 

"Every person has unique potential to make a major positive impact in the world. To do this you need lots of energy, vibrant health, and clarity of purpose. You deserve to have all this in your life and more! Make yourself a priority... don't wait! Take good care of your body and mind every day. What I love most about this Thrive community is how supportive everyone is. We are blessed to be around such amazing people every day, all the teachers and students are wonderful. Join us for class today and enjoy the support of this community in your life!"

Ian's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification, Spring 2002, Los Angeles; Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification, Spring 2009; Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Fall 2017. 

Jenny. Some call her the 'Yoga Whisperer,' because Jenny commands the yoga room with no more than a breath. You will find yourself going deeper into your postures than ever before, hardly knowing how you got there. Don't be surprised if you leave her class feeling uplifted and with an open heart.

"We are so excited about our new name, Thrive Hot Yoga. The word THRIVE transmits the energy of our studio mission, to create positive transformation in our community and a peaceful healthy planet. We want for you to thrive in every possible way! When you are at your best, you make a huge difference in the world. I just love how yoga gives you the power to take your health into your own hands, and the energy to do what you want."

Jenny's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2000, Los Angeles; Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification, 2009.

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